Wednesday, July 16, 2008


(a)blue moon you've been (d)shinin on (a)me
i look at you too long and (d)you're all i (a)see
then when i turn my (d)eyes (a)away
somehow you've turned all my (d) night to (a)day
and i can (d) see
yea i can (a) see

(a) blue moon you hold my (d) heart in your (a) hands
you could lull me to sleep like the (d) waves brush the (a) sands
i lie safe in your twilight just (d) soak in your (a) glow
hang my hopes on the stars 'cause they (d) go where you (a) go
and i feel (d) free
yea i feel (a) free

(g) blue moon you've shined your (d) light on (a) me
(g) i wanna be where ever (d) you're gonna (a) be
so i can (d) see

(a) yeah then all a sudden the (d) dusk turns to (a) day
i stand at my window just (d) wishin you'd (a) stay
but you disappear and the (d) stars do (a) too
so i guess i'll hang my hopes (d) somewhere (a) new
and the stars are gone (d) now
yea they're long (a) gone

(g) i sure liked my (d) time with (a) you
(g) but blue moon i got (d) things to (a) do
(g) so rest in the (d) comfort of the (a) stars
(g) i'll check back to see (d) how you (a) are
but i'm gonna go (d) far
yea i'm gonna go (d) far