Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh lo nilly

Lo nilly, found in night
Left solo, echo my fright
Through empty space
Tinkling wine, bring grace
Dry, heavy, holding my own
Dreams tangled from the sown
To what is known

You are behind, my future
You are behind, my past
Leisure holds only so much luxury
Until life leaps and I grasp

Oh lo nilly, if only you were warm
I'd curl in your arms and be born
Growth comes from dark and deep
Bury me and may all clouds weep
So I might find life and live
The dreams I knew I'd always live

Friday, December 07, 2012


oh night I swam in perfect stream
in jungles cast with starlit sheen
sky diamonds and fireflies to blame
i'll never be the same

a second hold, a kiss over sea
crimson and gold cast glows on we
then off that cliff i leapt and flew
straight to those open arms you threw

sweet summer heat, dive into blue
the waves, the warmth, enough of you
tangled in the strength, the sway
an ocean fought and pulled me away

vincent van gone my starry night
this clumsy heart, this foolish sight
might my heart shake off night's dew
and awaken to this mourn apart from you