Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I think I'm blind, deaf, and dumb when it comes to men:


In light of this new eve
The end of autumn's breeze
Torn from a resting place
Brought to this empty space
Shattered yet strong and new
Eager for life to brew
Must I break mourn so soon
To crumble after a silver moon 
And amidst this winter chill
Can warmth be found still
Warmth, pure, kind and sweet
A shelter from this frozen seat
Stop trying
Stop dying
Rest in the quiet places
Build up those safer spaces
Hide within the good and gold
Seek out the pure and bold
Give in
Give in to the good

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh lord, what's happened?

It's gone.. The last 11 months... Gone like they never came. Did it happen? Did I really meet some random guy (not so random) in a bar and somehow it worked for 8 months?  Did I really have so many romantic and fun weekend adventures in Baltimore with her glittering soil, Delaware the sea I never saw, and Virginia hiking and such glorious weddings!? Did I meet a sweet black and brown dog named Thomas Jefferson and a grey cat named something equivalent to Pretty Mister Shiny Rainbow Sparkles "Bo" for short? I miss them!! 

I mean.. Unless they were dreams... These sweet remembrances that have me missing the fun of them sometimes..the sweetness..those warm hugs and the purest kisses...


I'm 9 months to the end of my 2 years of ER experience and obtaining my BSN. What will I do? Well.. Today while cycling on a stationary bike with a computer screen in front of me and a coastal highway scene moving along on my imaginary ride I started lusting after Oregon...


...likely not. 

And so... Who knows. Who knows what.

I need to stop buying clothes tho that's for damn sure. No need for pretty dresses without any handsome man to take you to weddings and fancy dinners. *sniff*

And so the adventures continue!!!