Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it's been...


i have had so much going on...throwing papers around...verifying the need (or no need) for a visa...and reverifying it just to make sure... letters faxed there... important papers stored here... please don't get lost.
and yes, there's a new boy in town and we all know how much time that takes up... cooking.. talking... time. .time. time. . .

so here's what i've been up to...

i went to texas in december to visit my dearest friend heidi:

she's a dream.
she let me wear all her clothes.
and i met her darling new nephew
(unfortunately we didn't think to get a photo of he and i) :(

in between these adventures i've been quilting...and that's about it. if you were hoping that i'd be doing something more interesting, i apologize. i've spent a majority of my free hours these last couple months sitting on my attic floor bent over my machine with fabric in between my fingers. occasionally i'd be on the phone saying, "no no...i'm afraid i can't come out..i've got a lot of work to do here..." and here are the photos of my progress (and proof that being slightly antisocial isn't such a terrible thing) :