Thursday, January 29, 2009

snow..and ice...

so...i was going to go to new york, right? that was the plan... then 1 1/2 days before my flight is supposed to leave it starts raining ICE... yeah so it got canceled a couple hours before the plane was supposed to least, that's when i found out about it... about the same time i found out my trip was off, our electric shut off!!!!! ....

so...i'm stuck an icy winter wonderland...which is actually quite gorgeous...except if go out and play in it i won't be able to get warm again unless i mooch off of starbucks :)

...and to only add to it... i'm using the library's public computers...and on the way in some dude asked me if he could stalk me through what was a japanese art exhibit but he called it an indian exhibit... whatever... then some guy was headed off the elevators until he saw me getting on (obviously!!!!!!) and then stepped back on and said he was going further up, too... and now some dude behind me on another computer is making really really weird noises...some i would imagine my younger siblings making...something similar to squishing air in and out of your cheek pockets...

but i do like libraries.
and i do like the ice.

just a plus: two mullet heads just NOW kissed in the row in front of me. cute.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

inconsistency...and hope against it...

"If an unstable, inconsistent life is being expressed outwardly, an unestablished heart within is the cause. Jesus taught that "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" (Matthew 12:34). Whatever is developing and filling up our inner man will eventually come out to be seen and heard.
O Lord, my strength, would You do a powerful work of Your grace deep within my heart? I do not want to displease You or dishonor You by an immature and unstable life. Lord, forgive any futile attempts to change my heart by striving before the law. Your gracious work in me is my only hope!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009


i should stand up and dust myself off now.
put down the pain and pick up my dreams again.
believe in the things i was meant to stand on months ago.
it's been a while..since he gave me any reason to hope.

the Lord...may He bless you and keep you...
may His face shine upon you...
and may I begin to walk in the truths I know.


I'm on my own in the hospital.
I'm saving money, paying my bills, and paying off my small debt.
I sponsor a child in Mozambique... Joao Tome...his birthday is the same as mine.
I've volunteered to work with an Iraqi woman, teaching her english and spending time with her... that should start soon...
I sew, write music, and love on my friends.
I call my mom every day.
I'm going to visit a friend in New York in 2 weeks I hope...
Today I cleaned my house, bought a new friend lunch at a sushi bar, and spent time with 3 of the people closest to me... it's funny people i just met are more interested and interactive with my life than those I've been close for in..sad.
I guess that's how it is.

what am i waiting for?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

one crazy night....and moon pants

p.s. no alcohol involved. this is pure-unabashed fun, baby

Saturday, January 03, 2009

carried away...

if emotions ran smooth
i'd be so into you
but the train of my heart
carries me away...

the ground keeps passin me by
mountains continue to lie
i watch the rivers run dry
and i'm carried away...

please super man
put out your hand
slow me down
slow me down

sunshine leads the way...
i want a place to stay
too lost to get off
so i'm carried away..

life keeps passin me by
they continue to lie
i watch my heart run dry
and i'm carried away...

please super man
put out your hand
slow me down
slow me down...