Sunday, January 18, 2009


i should stand up and dust myself off now.
put down the pain and pick up my dreams again.
believe in the things i was meant to stand on months ago.
it's been a while..since he gave me any reason to hope.

the Lord...may He bless you and keep you...
may His face shine upon you...
and may I begin to walk in the truths I know.


I'm on my own in the hospital.
I'm saving money, paying my bills, and paying off my small debt.
I sponsor a child in Mozambique... Joao Tome...his birthday is the same as mine.
I've volunteered to work with an Iraqi woman, teaching her english and spending time with her... that should start soon...
I sew, write music, and love on my friends.
I call my mom every day.
I'm going to visit a friend in New York in 2 weeks I hope...
Today I cleaned my house, bought a new friend lunch at a sushi bar, and spent time with 3 of the people closest to me... it's funny people i just met are more interested and interactive with my life than those I've been close for in..sad.
I guess that's how it is.

what am i waiting for?

1 comment:

Dave Zeman said...

First one... nice, short, sweet and to the point.

The second... I love to read pieces that flow like this. It's a variety I need in life. I think you have an incredible variety in your life, and that's what is making some people not as exciting to hang with, or the other way, you've grown more interesting than them.

Don't worry about it... life is a long time... things have a way of working out. But, I would stop eating raw fish... IMO... ;-)