Sunday, June 13, 2010


remember, oh man, that you are dust...and to dust you will return


what a hectic week. moved into my new place. quite the locale for get togethers and all my hobbies and space and peace and quiet. i have fireflies in my front&back yards in the evenings. i have yards. i have a driveway to park my car and a front porch to tie my bike to. so far, i believe i a have a roommate just as eager as i am to create a place people feel welcome to come and enjoy.

i had a cookout for some friends this week also. i made bluecheese stuffed burgers on whole wheat buns, blackbean&rice stuffed green bell peppers, seasoned corn on the cob and fresh watermelon. it was great.

and on my way to work yesterday i got a flat tire and lost some cheese :)


i'm so thankful for this time in my life where i have time to absorb myself in my hobbies, my friends, and all good things.

there's still this inner pull to want more though. always present with me it seems. i think the purpose of this wonderful space of time i have now is to develop the skills that will help me be ready for more when it comes. i still have a lot of areas of character and habits that could improve for the better.

don't forget to water your garden!!!!