Thursday, August 07, 2008


the future... one big pregnant gift wrapped up in possibilities and promises... it what i'm waiting for.
right now i'm trapped in the transitional-in-between phase of life. if i didn't have plans i'd feel a bit lazy and purposeless... but knowing what's i know is coming frees me from the guilt that a purposeless person might experience and allows me to rest. i'm enjoying this time of nothing. this time i spend reading and thinking and dreaming and resting. if i thought nothing was coming i'd feel restless...i'd feel desperate...for adventure, for something wild, for anything... that's what i'm aiming for. that's what i'm waiting for.

...what am i waiting for?
...what am i wanting?

more. always more. always something so stirring and place of peace is on the mountain tops... and when i'm not sure that's where i'm headed i get so anxious..

back it up theresa... slow it down... rest in the lord... you don't always have to be going somewhere... you gotta be still to be in the refining fire long enough for it to burn you... just be. be. be.