Wednesday, May 07, 2014

tomorrow's goals:

wake up and be productive!!

fix flat bike tire
get oil changed
go on bike ride
get haircut
finish laundry
complete online quiz for school
see erica
enjoy the sun

go for a run

...just one more episode of new girl...and one more glass of wine...


i lie my head against you 
and it feels as secure and strong as the earth
after each new conversation
it's as tho my whole soul has given birth
to something fresh and light
brighter than those colorado days you tell me about
clearer than oregon waters
more profound and moving than mountain peaks
you're the height my heart seeks

"i miss you more than the mountains," you say
and yet, to see me you have to wait less than a day
"you make me feel like i know where i'm going"
and i cry because it's true
i'm in love with you