Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Know what I'm looking forward to?

Travel Nursing.

In 1.5 years.

Is that too far to be looking forward?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

night shift

ah sludgy sludge
heart pound cake
at least you're sweet
plain, but sweet
heavy like a thud
like mud
zombie face
listlessly alive and
full of empty

will someone come clean my house...?
maybe zap me with one of those zapper things...what are they?

being theresa...

things are happening. life is exciting. yes, i'm semi-convincing myself...

i'm getting 2 years of emergency nurse experience in one of the #1 ERs of kentucky. 
i'm finishing my bachelor's degree.
i'm trying to practice spanish with the little spanish speaking housekeepers at work. 
i'm trying to make some friends... 

but a lot of times i find myself thinking:

 when can i get back out there?

but more importantly:

why were there two commodes in this stall?

i need to go on a trip somewhere...pair-hops the northwest...i can always use some NW in my life...

Friday, September 07, 2012

6th grade

i'm not sure why i'm going to share this...

on my first day of 6th grade... (this was back in 1997 people, so give me a break!)... i thought it was a good idea to wear a short-sleeved cropped maroon sweater-shirt underneath a pair of jean overalls with a winnie-the-pooh head floating mid-chest. i also stuffed my bra with socks for the first and last time (they were lumpy and slightly distressing....)

 i did it with good reason though... seeing as how later that year this girl kept referring to me as "president of the itty-bitty-titty-committee."
...(i kept leaving these love notes in her boyfriend's locker...wah wah).

this was the same year in which i wore my hair (EVERYDAY) pulled as tightly back into the smoothest, most unlumpiest pony tail you've ever seen. EVER.

also, this year, i tried to cut myself my own bangs, which resulted in me looking like an ugly version of my brother. one day he found a picture of US and was like "gross! i look disgusting!! ...ohh...that's theresa..."

the love notes weren't even threatening... they were pictures drawn with smelly crayons and written next to them were things like: "can you smell the eucalyptus?" "scratch and sniff this monkey!" "i'm a weirdo, run away!!"

maybe not that last bit. but i think it sent a similar message....

i think this is where i started going wrong in the relationship game... i think my method must be to scare all the boys... i'm doing a helluva job....

also, tell me what man would wear this?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

time is on crack

my life is going by too fast.

i was just in south america. not. this month will be my 4th month away from it. that's about the same length of time i was even there. but i can still think back and feel it all.. so weird.

i just now spent a good amount of misdirected time reading back on my visit to london. Wasn't I just there? Nope. It's been over a year now. A YEAR?! my god, i'm going to get old fast, aren't i?


do you really think it was just the moment?
or do you think the magic is capable of more than just a moment?
because i do.