Friday, September 07, 2012

6th grade

i'm not sure why i'm going to share this...

on my first day of 6th grade... (this was back in 1997 people, so give me a break!)... i thought it was a good idea to wear a short-sleeved cropped maroon sweater-shirt underneath a pair of jean overalls with a winnie-the-pooh head floating mid-chest. i also stuffed my bra with socks for the first and last time (they were lumpy and slightly distressing....)

 i did it with good reason though... seeing as how later that year this girl kept referring to me as "president of the itty-bitty-titty-committee."
...(i kept leaving these love notes in her boyfriend's locker...wah wah).

this was the same year in which i wore my hair (EVERYDAY) pulled as tightly back into the smoothest, most unlumpiest pony tail you've ever seen. EVER.

also, this year, i tried to cut myself my own bangs, which resulted in me looking like an ugly version of my brother. one day he found a picture of US and was like "gross! i look disgusting!! ...ohh...that's theresa..."

the love notes weren't even threatening... they were pictures drawn with smelly crayons and written next to them were things like: "can you smell the eucalyptus?" "scratch and sniff this monkey!" "i'm a weirdo, run away!!"

maybe not that last bit. but i think it sent a similar message....

i think this is where i started going wrong in the relationship game... i think my method must be to scare all the boys... i'm doing a helluva job....

also, tell me what man would wear this?

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