Tuesday, October 09, 2012


i've accepted i'm probably not going to find myself in a long term committed relationship for a while...

right now i'm pretty set on leaving the old KY in a couple years... not digging the idea of sticking around here for so long... but it's necessary in order to meet some end goals...like travel nursing..working abroad..running around the world like a wild philanderer (partners being countries and cultures)...

truth be told, i like this pretty little city. it's not a big deal to be committed to it for a while... i'm getting in plenty of quilting and definitely maxing out on awesome experience in a fantastic ER.

but the people you meet...at least the type i'm drawn to apparently...are the ones that stick around..the ones that have gardens in their yards and like to cook and establish businesses and careers that are lasting and long term. i'm just a cool breeze in their summer... do you warn them?

i think i'm going to learn french starting next semester. then doctors without borders can't possibly turn me down.... i hope..

oh traveling man
grab my hand
we'll dream