Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh lord, what's happened?

It's gone.. The last 11 months... Gone like they never came. Did it happen? Did I really meet some random guy (not so random) in a bar and somehow it worked for 8 months?  Did I really have so many romantic and fun weekend adventures in Baltimore with her glittering soil, Delaware the sea I never saw, and Virginia hiking and such glorious weddings!? Did I meet a sweet black and brown dog named Thomas Jefferson and a grey cat named something equivalent to Pretty Mister Shiny Rainbow Sparkles "Bo" for short? I miss them!! 

I mean.. Unless they were dreams... These sweet remembrances that have me missing the fun of them sometimes..the sweetness..those warm hugs and the purest kisses...


I'm 9 months to the end of my 2 years of ER experience and obtaining my BSN. What will I do? Well.. Today while cycling on a stationary bike with a computer screen in front of me and a coastal highway scene moving along on my imaginary ride I started lusting after Oregon...


...likely not. 

And so... Who knows. Who knows what.

I need to stop buying clothes tho that's for damn sure. No need for pretty dresses without any handsome man to take you to weddings and fancy dinners. *sniff*

And so the adventures continue!!!

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