Saturday, April 25, 2009


three (+1 xtra) TOP investments/savings currently in movement/process:

1). student loans: 72% PAID...28% TO GO! (~4 weeks + one extra day)
2). plane ticket to Africa... 3 weeks income.
3). nice digi camera...most desired: Rebel XSI.... 2 weeks.

xtra necessary savings afterwards: ~1.5 months (to pay my way while i'm in Africa)

approximate time necessary to reach goals: ~4 months.

time that i have until approximate departure for Afrika: 5 months.

PLUS: i have to fit in vacation (+vaca expenditures) for 2 weeks in Oregon.

...cutting it close there, missy.


Dave said...

Wish you luck with your dreams.


Mateo said...

Our lives will someday be measured by the things we invested our lives, time, resources and words in. I don't think you'll ever regret investing in something that will change people's lives. Where are you going in Africa and Oregon?

only a lover said...

i'm planning on going to cameroon, africa. to volunteer as a nurse and follow a doctor. ...and in oregon i'll be in the portland area..

we'll see if you're right :)