Tuesday, January 12, 2010

moving to oregon

exciting to be heading out soon. less than 24 hours and i'll be well on my way to my homeland.

i don't have a job yet..i can only hope that an option will open up for me once i'm there. the option to stay here is unavailable to me (by choice). got to get my adventure on while i still can. who knows what kind of obstacles will come my way in the next few years.
i'm not scared.
i love oregon.
i love her fir trees, her evergreens, her mountain peaks and voluptuous coastlines, her clear cool waters and outdoor adventure opportunities at every corner. i love the free vibe of portland and the warmth it seems there is towards bicyclists. i love the open and green mindset...
maybe i won't love her so much once i become closer than a childhood friend and a yearly visitor to her lands. perhaps once i get some of her soil under my nails i'll be missing my old kentucky hills...
but perhaps i'll find a place that feels like home. who knows. i'll be appreciating the adventure regardless of the outcomes...

it is so so tender..saying goodbye to my family. someday those kids will understand the urge i hope.
yesterday i spent hours in lexington saying hello and goodbye to friends.... was great to see so many people..
i had been feeling very guilty about procrastinating so greatly in going up to visit. i think once guilt sets in my procrastination only doubles and multiplies. giving me one day to fit in everyone. i'm quite excellent at it...procrastination that is. it doesn't help that i don't really enjoy goodbyes.
thankfully, my friends understand the complications of moving...and the majority were just happy to have a little time with me. thankfully.
i'm real blessed with good friends....i'm sure i didn't think i would find such great ones in lexington when i first moved up there. actually it took months to feel i had any connection at all with most people. i guess that's how it is. takes time.
i'm grateful for the time i got to spend with them. for the part they played in my life.

and i hope they feel free to come and visit me in oregon. how exciting!!!

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