Friday, January 04, 2008


there is a holocaust happening among us...and we fail to act because of the silence of the victims. i feel we have numbed our ears to the silent cries in hopes that perhaps the saying, "ignorance is bliss" is true. some of us just never realized the extremeties and relevancy of this issue. just because their audible cries are not heard, doesn't mean there is no existence. the war in our world has continuously been a battle over the legitimacy of the seen and unseen. i tell you, today we must not close our eyes to the invisible winds of destruction and homocide happening in our nations.
this is not a choice. it is a child.
three inches of flesh and an audible cry doesn't change the prospect of life existing in a fetus.
convenience shouldn't be a deciding factor on whether a fetus is a baby or merely a mass of flesh.
i have heard arguments on both sides.
one, i'm appauled at some of the approaches of pro-life people. They hurl insults and present hatred for abortion supporters. This isn't the answer. we must love.
second, i'm ashamed by the hardened hearts of those supporting abortion. this is not always a case of ignorance. there are many who fully understand the procedures, but are blinded to the life existing in these children.

i am inviting pro-life supporters not to a war of hatred and insults, but a battle of love and prayer.
i am inviting pro-abortion supporters to research this topic on the web and in their hearts.


MAFia said...

the Church in america can begin by teaching those who are sexually active the proper ways to not get pregnant. In a society where more and more youth are becoming sexually active. It deosn't make sense to argue against abortion if they don't offer any other means besides abstinence to not being pregnant. We are demanding morality from people who are obviously immoral. From the Churches point of view, they are addressing a group of immoral people who are involving themselves in immoral activities anyway. I don't understand why the Church doesn't understand those people. After all, their depraved minds are succumed to Satan... Why address an issue that according to the bible is a spiritual issue and not just a physical one. Until people either completely stop having sex outside grounds of marriage, or sex-education starts coming from the pulpit then abortion will be a hanging issue. Afterall, when abortion is illegal, it is still going to happen. The only difference is less people will do it, but more of those women will die. There are more issues than just the morality issue. Obviously it's wrong to take a life. But when you don't allow that option to women, they go to other places to recieve their abortions. When they go to Mexico into a clinic that is run down and dirty, they are WAY more likely to die from complications. Should we just allow all those women who are going to have an abortion anyway to die? Or are we just as murderous by not allowing them clean hospitals and qualified medical doctors. Think about it, those women who choose to kill are going to be killed by your choice of forcing them into unhealthy situations.. I don't agree with abortion, but look at ALL the issues.. Just outlawing it won't make it go away and will in fact hurt some... Think about it all!!!!!

only a lover said...

i understand your claims... i'm afraid i can't properly respond at the moment, however... would the church take on a spirit of adoption and acceptance perhaps abortion could be abolished altogether.

...just as slavery is no longer an option, i hope that someday abortion will no longer be an option. yes, there is slavery that exists today and yes, it will be very likely that abortion will still exist once abolished... yet, i find those reasons are no excuse to refrain from opposing the issues.