Saturday, October 18, 2008

autumn winds'a blowin...

it's fall... i guess i've been here around a month and a half now... i've met a lot of cool people...and i think i've made a bit of a community here.... i feel more whole than i used to....i feel more hopeful... a hunger for God and knowing Him has grown in me...i just want His best.

hospital work is decent. i get to touch people, help people, give shots, and start IVs.... all the while making pretty killer cash....a quarter of which i've been trying to give away. (it's hard deciding where i should give...there's so many options)....'s real easy to get caught up in the work that needs to be done and miss out on hearing the patient's heart, but i think the more familiar i get with the movement of the hospital it will come easier.

there's still a bit of unrest... of wondering where i belong... i feel the time is coming...and soon.... but the time for what? .... i want to be ready....

if i stay broken
does he become the whole?
if i stay bruised
is he the only healing?
am i meant to be healed to stand alone?
or are brokenness and bruising a permanent state so that i'll always see my need for him?

i still miss him....

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