Wednesday, March 03, 2010


i slept at home last night. just to see the kids off to school in the morning. my aunt and uncle are coming in from illinois this weekend so none of the kids will probably want to come to lexington with me on friday or saturday. understandable.

after they got on the bus i hung out at the house with my mom a bit. the oldest younger sister missed the bus so she was in a fowl mood because she didn’t want to be late, but i wanted to finish breakfast and spend another moment before i brought her in.

around 8:05 i got her there. i went to matt’s place to shower and nap in getting ready for my trip to lexington. i had an appointment to meet my new landlord for the keys to my new apartment. a small studio very near downtown and not too far from my favorite coffee shop. i arrived a little bit late but on time nonetheless. he handed over the keys with a side of long conversation and stories about his trip to south africa. i packed up whatever was in my car, which isn’t much. basically one box of books, one box of sewing fabrics, one box of food, and some bathroom accessories. no furniture yet.

jaron met me and helped me pack some things up and then we drove around town looking for discounts on household products and furniture. now i have handsoap, silverware, and things like that. the landlord left me a roll of toilet paper. nice.

just a minute ago there was a knock on my door. nicole from unit #1 just wanted to say hi and if i needed anything i should just let her know. she has a boyfriend named Ott. he apparently has long blonde hair. i can let him know if i need anything too, she says. i’ll invite them over for dinner once my place gets settled in. i like that she came by. nice and friendly of her.

i think i’ll like the new place.
hardwood floors and nice clean space...

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