Tuesday, March 02, 2010


the day before yesterday i went to lex with cakes, jess, and ang. we watched sita sings the blues at the library. it was awesome. i recommend it to anyone slightly curious/interested in Indian religion...or just something different. then we ate indian food. the indian guy totally let us come in to eat even though they were closed for the afternoon. exquisite.
we walked down the street to a book/awesome store afterwards. the most awesome store ever. we played with trinkets for at least an hour.
we went to the coffee shop after we were finished with the last store. i saw jack. i also saw steven. he went to south america recently but was too busy with a friend to talk about it.
around 1 i ran two blocks up the street to check out my possible new apartment. it wasn't bad looking outside but it was a rickety old white house. i climbed a crickety black metal staircase. the rooms had nice hardwood floors and management had done a great job refinishing the place. proper classy interior. in my book anyway.
studio with nice eat in kitchen.
i'd love to design the furniture for it and make it. we'll see.

so we came back that night and somehow i was convinced that going to nashville the next day was a good idea.

so yesterday cakes and i got up early enough to go say goodbye to my kids and see them on the bus. ...but then i realized i was an hour late with time. so we drove straight to nashville instead.

we hung out most of the day at his place. had big dreams of designing furniture. went to lunch at a Puckett's. Cakes showed me all the furniture he designed and created in his own house. it was very inspiring...to see his creations. ...and the possibilities.

jess was free in the evening so we went to meet her. Cakes bought us games at putt putt golf... glow in the dark even!!

jess found out she could stay that night and the next day. so we went home that evening and built a fire. well, cakes built it. he also brought me a glass of whiskey. i drew pictures in the stone hearth with ashes and told a story. we sat around it til it turned from a 3 ft pyramid to embers. then we watched tv til i fell asleep.

today we went to breakfast with isa. it was awesome.
now we're headed home. nice.


Anonymous said...

is cakes your boyfriend?

only a lover said...

not quite. in fact...nope.