Thursday, April 03, 2008

like the wind

you know...i'm not sure many men can handle this.. or many people actually....('this' as in the full context of 'me') it'd be like trying to catch the wind with your bare hands. is it possible? is it even possible to fully understand the concepts of the wind? you never really can guess which way it's going to blow...sometimes it breezes about in and out up and around: curious, comfortable, soothing...and then sometimes it comes in gusts that knock your hat to the ground and allow your papers to taste freedom for once in their lives... gusts that explode to the forefront of your path and leave you in its dust... gusts that take on the future at full speed... who can contain it with logic and expectations? who can place the chains of history and prediction around its wrists? no one. why? because it's so very often unlogical with unexpected changes and unpredictable actions. it is surprising and free and the actions of a breeze are unestimable.
does that mean it is unreliable? not exactly. because you can rely on it's ever-changing, ever-blowing consistancy. the breeze moves the seed of flowers and aids in it's a fertilizer... the wind produces energy in it's most abundant and cheapest form...a catalyst...and it suggests in it's movement that the earth is alive... bringing hope to those stale places in the world....wind is never ending... there is a beauty in the wind... and i think i'd rather be the wind than a rock...even tho rocks are perfectly reliable and never-changing except through huge amounts of work or time... i like the freedom of the wind... the variety of it... the strength and yet weakness of it... and i like being like the wind..

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