Tuesday, June 03, 2008


i want you...and i don't understand why you won't come for me... maybe you're trying and i just can't see...but... be bold, will you? and be straight with me... don't play games... i want something strong in my life... i can't lean on this... am i hoping in air? am i setting my sights on fantasies? or are you just struggling to break through to me? i think you've had enough time to decide if you really want me... i guess if you're still struggling to decide that then ..maybe it's not right.
you know..maybe i'm obsessive or mentally retarded to hold out for so long..i dunno...for one, there were little snigbits of hope i thought... second, you're really something... you're really an amazing person. i love so many things about you it's unreal... i just don't want to let you go...or the hopes of you anyway... i'm sure you don't feel the same way about me... and i'm probably just insane for feeling this way for so long.... it just seemed like you were coming around... always. it seemed like in the next moment you'd decide to chase me... kinda like you're on a trip and you wonder if you're lost but you feel at any moment you'll recognize where the hell you are and so you get yourself a million miles out of route...
what am i waiting for?

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