Wednesday, September 16, 2009


last night at work one of my coworkers got spicy with me. i hate drama. i hate being in a foul mood. i hate it when people are upset and there's nothing you can do to help them be happy..they refuse treatment. it seems like there are some people that have something shitty happening in their lives every week... i hate that for them..but i don't understand how ruining the vibe in the room for everyone else makes them feel any better. maybe it's me lost in my candyland world, but i think i'm generally a happy person. not everything in my life goes my way...i try to stay positive. i like to see other people smile so i make my useless ridiculous attempts. .... i know i'm not dealing with an unruly kid or an abusive husband or some lifethreatening circumstance so maybe i should have more compassion. it just sucks. going to work and people are pissed at their lives and they won't cheer up... ...i don't know if that has anything to do with why they snapped on me, but it happened.
guess i need to up my game in patient care. be more on top of things...perhaps then she'll be pleased. i dunno...she was definitely trying to help out and notify me about something she was upset about with a patient. i sort of felt like she was more upset that he just wouldn't listen to her rather than she was concerned that he needed to wear that particular equipment. i didn't see what she was concerned about as priority at the moment and she felt that i 'just didn't care so why should she'....which is what she said. that kind of stung. also kind of ticked me off. i was trying to help her relax a little bit. not feel so edgy. instead i made her feel like her attempts to care were pointless and unimportant, and that i didn't give a shit. (not my mindset, not my goal).
so...lesson learned:
1)if a tech comes to me with a concern..address it then. get involved. even if it can wait. if it's important to them, it's important to me.
2)explain myself.
3)ignore drama, unless it might be therapeutic for someone if i listened.

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Dave said...

insightful... I'm kind of a guy that relates better with women, so continue being gentle to us... alot of times, we don't know better.