Thursday, September 10, 2009


last night i met a man i suppose i should despise.he killed somebody close to him...then tried to end himself too. he had psych issues since he was young and had a brain injury when he was older... his face was all swollen and putrid looking. he had blood soaked gauze stuffed in his mouth like a pig on the table. he was tied down and the instructions that came with him included to notify certain authorities the moment he could communicate, and another set the moment he was ready to be taken to jail.
he didn't look evil...laying helpless with hands tied down and swollen arms and mushy face.
i just wanted to heal him. make him better. wipe the drainage off his face.
i can't imagine him not being sorry now...about what he did...
maybe i'm mental...but i couldn't hate him.
i can't hardly even be mad at him.
he just looked like a broken man.
somewhere in that monster there has to be one...

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