Friday, September 04, 2009

end of life issues

i read this blog and it talked about circumstances that you see at the hospital that challenge your moral and ethical opinions.
the gist of it is this:
an unresponsive very elderly patient, too contracted to move, talk, or eat...who moans in discomfort when you move them, yet you must because they're totally incontinent... and is otherwise a bump on a log except for the infection that resides within, moving rapidly....
a family that wants no end of life measures to be made because they have hope and want "everything to be done."

it is a challenging situation that provoked me to yet again bring up the topic of a living will with my mother. it's not really an uncomfortable topic... but it's an important issue that should be clarified in writing, really....i would say it's because my parents are gaining in age, but i've seen enough young people come through the hospital who's lives have been drastically changed while also losing their ability to communicate...and i've seen the families that wished they knew what they wanted. it's too huge a decision for the people on the sidelines to make for an individual. i don't want the responsibility of taking tubes out, negating my parents' lives....

i think i would like to be cremated and have the breeze of a mountain top carry me away....but maybe i need a more solid place of rest than that. ew i don't know...i don't like the idea of my body rotting and getting all nasty... but i like the idea of my body exploring and flying around... the only thing is, i would like a place where people could visit to think of me... like a stone or something. ... i wonder if this is correct? ...i don't think they ever cremated anyone in the bible. can my body be risen up if it's in a million peices? i have no idea...

after i told mom all that i asked her what she wanted and she said, 'i wouldn't mind a new car...'!

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