Friday, February 12, 2010


oh life.
sweet sweet life.
unmask yourself as the river you are
where plans may belong to man
in one form
yet carry on like sand
gone gone gone through your hand
i had plans
i had plans
and life...
oh life...
slip through my fingers
make light my toes
carry me like water
in and out up and down
the rows
the rows
up and down the rows
heaven or hell
succeed or fail
i had plans
and since they fell to the lands
does it mean
could it mean
my heart can't see?
what i think i thought wasn't meant to be?
that this life i dream
isn't meant for me...
or just now..just now..just now
i must wait
take a step back
don't be afraid to be late
soak in this moment
where i thought i ought not be
and realize
just realize
this moment's meant for me...

1 comment:

Dave said...

wonderful read... thx.