Thursday, July 01, 2010

july 1, 2010


time passes so quickly.

i spend my days rather selfishly i think. maybe not completely.

every other i go rock climbing. every other i run a few miles. i meet friends for dinner. i make dinner for friends. i quilt gifts for friends and family. i help my roommate work on his house.

i slept in until 11 today. and yesterday. and i'm pretty sure the day before that.
i think it's because i've made some new friends that stay up late...talking...and eating.

it's really comfortable here. yesterday i worked for a few hours in my backyard. making a little garden spot.
i'm not quite sure that my tomatoes like it yet, but i'm hoping they toughen up a bit.
would be nice to see them survive.

my other plot in the community garden is doing well.
my spinach has decided that's enough for the beginning of the summer, so i'll be missing those fresh greens. hopefully the kale will survive a while.

i met marianne for sandwiches at the local french deli yesterday. we biked there. i had a beer. we strolled down second street and saw the brilliant houses of yesteryears and daydreamed about what life had been like in them once-upon-a-time. a younger man walked from his mansion to his old car dressed in capri pants and suspenders. i felt like i stepped back a few decades.

i went to the local theater and watched an old film last night too...
it was pretty great. we saw it in color actually. there were hundreds of people there, surprisingly.

i wonder if all this is pointless...
all this domesticity.
i know it won't be for long, but i'm trying to wade in it.
i think learning to be content in all frames of life is important.
i suppose that's what i'm learning....

i'm pretty sure somehow it's good.


Dave said...

Keep enjoying life... sounds simply wonderful.

Those tomatoes need something.


only a lover said...

working on it :)