Thursday, December 18, 2008

another dream

yesterday (i work night shift so i sleep in the day)...i had a dream...

i was walking out from maybe a family gathering or maybe just my grandma's old house...the one i grew up in i think. i guess we were visiting, but when i walked out I noticed the moon was setting rather fast to the right. and it was also a little larger than usual. was still daylight too... or maybe with the moon that close that's how bright it was... so i kept watching. soon the sky was dark and stars meteor showers.. came out of the star landed in the ocean that randomly appeared a ways in front of me. it seemed that the earth was off course. no telling how long before the worldly demise that would of course occur. it was only a matter of time before heat and fire swept over the land from being too close to the sun...either that or ice from being too far away... i thought a giant circle in the sky was mars, but then...for sure i saw the moon on fire in the was taking up quite a bit of space...much closer than before. i remember the sense of urgency i felt when i cried out for the lost of the i felt anxious because i knew there were only moments now.... how i should have prayed with this same urgency hours, days, years earlier.... if only i had known. i think i grabbed some strangers and asked if they knew the Lord. even now i feel sick at the lack of urgency and the quite possible need for it in my life.... in the midst of this, i wondered if he would call last goodbye... i knew i was probably the last thing on his it makes me sick that i even cared.... could feel the earth spinning... the feeling of the oncoming peril... i begged for mercy... do i know Him well enough?

...i wanna know your word
...i wanna speak your truth
...i wanna show the world that they can be loved by you tell me what matters
...tell me what you want me to see
...tell me what matters on the span of eternity

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