Tuesday, December 02, 2008

let go

sometimes you just have to let go. you fight it. you ignore it. you get pissed at it. you try to manipulate the circumstances so you can keep it. but either you can let it go easy..or you can let it go painfully.. one way or another it has to go...

it's time to let go.

try and imagine it like this.

you have hold of this rope. this rope that leads to life right? it is your lifesaver. your answer. the wind is strong. the waters, high and wild. the skies, dark. you have such a tight hold that to pull it away from you would pull flesh. you've been holding for so long that even to let go would mean painful extraction of a part of you...you've grown around it. ....but let go. you're not drowning. your feet are on the boat. and there is no one in the water. you don't need saving. you've already been saved. ....so He stands there, watching you...watching you grow into this rope... beckoning you to let go...go eat with Him on the deck...go below and enjoy Him...stand at the wheel and enjoy the wind and the sun... let go...and live.

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Joemu said...

Thank you for giving me encouragement, I was lucky to find your blog while searching for nurses/ nursing students, and I was transfixed by the beauty of it. Congrats RN
It was tough this semester; I had done things I never did before. My grades lacked due to a lack of studying and focus, but my heart opened up. I am ready to run next semester: ) six more to go heh…

I want to set sail, but I have to pull up this anchor.