Friday, March 27, 2009

i'm a fish

i can't imagine being a fish.
especially the one living in my own little bowl.

i try to pull the shades up for him so he can see some light,
i don't always remember to, but he doesn't really respond to it...

he swims around this one piece of plant in his world.
sometimes he races around and the little balls on his waterbed jump up.
i like it when he does that, because it makes me think he's playing.

i want my fish to be happy, but i'm afraid his world is too small.
how can he be happy in that small little world.

i probably feed him too much, but i never want him to be hungry.

sometimes i try to talk to him, but he never really responds.
maybe someday he will.

i think if i was in a little bowl with so boring a landscape,
such cold hard walls, and nobody to chill with
and some big person tapped on the jar to speak with me
i'd make all efforts to show them i was interested,
but that's just me.

i just can't imagine being a fish.
especially the one in my own little bowl.

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