Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm not done with you

i was driving home today... driving and looking for some hope in the song i was listening to, in the hills i was passing, in the One i was speaking to... and we hadn't been talking for long.. but all of a sudden i was overwhelmed by the sense that He said "i'm not done with you..." "i'm not giving up on you..." it wrapped around me as thick and real as a blanket would have. sometimes He's real like that. sometimes He's close like that. it's so shameful how often/easily i'm distracted from Him... the mountain of God looms ahead of me, a promise and purpose as real as you and i...."keep climbing" He says. the roadside promises are distractors.

it's like when you're headed to a big attraction in the middle of nowhere..typically, along the way there will be these side stops promising the best "souveniers" and "gifts" that nobody else has... if you stop, it only postpones you from the experience that you ultimately drove for. if you stop, you only end up spending more money than you intended...and it takes away from the time you would have spent at 'your goal.'

hey me keep my eyes on the prize... my eyes on You. ...because You are the prize. You are the purpose. and all these sidestops are lies and only fractions of what You are....
thanks for not being through with me....

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