Sunday, May 30, 2010


i miss the swell of you
swole over a heart gone cold
those warm hands over my cool bones
sweet lips on my fingertips
like a shower for my soul

i’d drench down and shake my hair
pull you in to feel you there
close my eyes and soak you in
i’d melt...once again. once again.
i’d melt

i miss the pure and clean and good
dancing in the sun the way one should
with your arms around me
your words surround me
and set me free

and i dance.
i dance with you inside of me

oh i miss the swell of you.


Dave said...

wow... that girl needs arms wrapped around her.

The White Family said...

What a beautiful love song, though I don't know who it is for. It would be beautiful as a song to God or a person. You are very talented Theresa.


only a lover said...

thanks angela. :) i think it's for Him...but a blend of life in that mix. hard to separate them sometimes :P tell me when you need a babysitter...when can i come see your babe?