Saturday, May 15, 2010


the other day i was with a friend on my parent's new houseboat (serious.)

we had a few bottles that were empty and i was precariously handling some of them, along with my clothes...folded within the mass of freedom and entertainment was my cellphone. with no free hands, much less free fingers, i knobidly attempted to open the latch on the swing gate that would allow us to retreat from the fiery top deck to the cool, airconditioned ice chest below.

fwish: the sound of something leaving my arms and escaping through the silver-shined railings.
as i looked overboard,
klok: the sound (and sight) of my cellphone hitting just at the edge of the wooden walkway below..
plop: the sound (and sight) of my cellphone dipping into the murky brown waves that lapped calmly in the 1 foot space between the houseboat and the deck.

hmmm: the sound of me considering my new 'loss'

"oops" -me

and i continued my journey to coolness and recycling.

...since then it's been a little odd...i'll think to check if anyone's called or...perhaps a text.. i know tonight i'm going to have to set an alarm and...i don't have another one..
perhaps if i have any serious people calling me anytime about jobs or something...then i'll be missing it and having to make other opportunities to speak to people.
but for the most part, i like being extracted from another technology. i like that if someone wants to find me they'll have to try a little harder, maybe... or get skype. then we can talk face to face and i like that better anyways.

we'll see how long this lasts :)

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Dave said...

ouch... sounds of reality... sometimes plops in water are dreadful noises that follow you through thru life... like when I went fishing with my dad and cast the rod and everything in the water, (a testement to me not being a morning person)... and yes it was the last time he took me fishing.