Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I wanna singWhile the ocean sleepsI wanna feelwhat its like to be freeI wanna to seewhat you see in meI wanna know how it feels to believeI feel lost somehow im drifting away Was almost gone, you brought me to life again so let me be your lighthouseand i'll help you find a way outof hereI see the tide is commingdont let it take you away from metheres no way im jumping over I know its your love that saved me-part of the lyrics to Lighthouse by Hope

He came to give us life
not just life, but life abundantly
not just a ticket out of hell
but a life of dreams come true
passion, battles, and storms of He and you

He came to set us free
from strongholds and misery
not just a promise of days to come
but of a story that's ready and waiting
a fairytale that's already begun

He came to set us free
free to search, explore and dream
free to roam and master things
free to grow, fall, and fling
away those heavy worldly things
free to be
free to be

....sometimes i get this burning in my chest...this feeling wells up ... His desire to set us free is so great... His desire for us is as real and intense as the aches in our heart for something more... i don't know how to express this emotion in words... it's like i could rip my heart out of my chest and fling it into the air... and as it falls somehow it sprouts wings and soars.... He wants to set us free .... free from what? free from social norms? free from strongholds? free of ourselves?
free to soar... free to dream... free to be.... just be.... free to walk on water and mend the broken to touch the hidden heart and open it to the light of love... free to explore the opportunities and adventures of the to run and take from the rooms of glory whatever we fancy... free to open the chests of the king, try on His clothes, and take on the image of royalty.... free to rise up as leaders... free to speak from the fountain of our hearts... free to live as we dare.... free to put our strongholds and sins in the graves they belong in... free to take on the cloak of joy, dance in the rain of power, and pour out the wine on the world around us...

may your Kingdom come
may your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven

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