Friday, April 09, 2010


yesterday i went to try on some bridesmaid dresses in prep for a good friend's wedding this summer. tangerine. choice between halter, boat neck, and strapless. all on my own, i took them into the dressing rooms. a big square with no mirrors, so you have to come out of the corner and show yourself to everyone. excellent.
while i was there an old man and his...wife?...were also making use of the mirrors and rooms. she was trying what seemed most likely to be mother of the bride dresses. so the old man sat outside her room and had the opp to view us both as we came out to consider ourselves. i didn't actually know he had noticed me because neither seemed very eager to discuss anything. strapless. boat. halter. as i questioned the last dress in the mirror, the old man looked around and whispered "the first one" and then jerked his head away as tho the voice came from someone else. i smiled and said, "you think so?" and he nodded assuringly, but sideways, with his eyes turned away from me.
so i tried the strapless on again just to be sure. i glanced at him in case he had an approving look to offer. none. it was as tho i wasn't there. but sure enough he was right. it was more flattering.
and as i gathered my dresses together and left the area, i called to them, "goodbye!" ...and they both glanced at me strangely offering no response.
was he trying to hide noticing me?
is that just their character?
were they embarrassed at being there?
did i look like a freak or smell strongly of alcohol?
i just wonder sometimes.

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Dave said...

oh great blog... I love to people watch, but I'm not shy... one hint you noticed and I would be zipping up your dress HA...

Ok I'm normally shy ... I do love to watch people ... find some shiny eyes.. a pretty smile.. and I'm lost in the moment. Even if the McDonalds college girl than says "Have a nice day."... oh well life doesn't always have to be awkward... and can be a whisper of joy.