Wednesday, March 26, 2008

no whimsical fancies here....

yeah my eyes look for a sunset red
when others are happy with blue
they say not to expect a fairytale
but what about dreams come true?
so my heart has wings
and my eyes they sing
i chase after wild
senseless things...
i color my world
beginning from bed
looking for that
wild sunset red...
the clouds they're calling
so tie a string to my toes
i'll follow my heart
i'll follow my nose
into clouds of emerald green
a sky unlike you've ever seen
where eyes they shine
and man rewinds
to the moments that overflow
like a gentle touch on the elbow
and to hazel eyes more interesting
than any show
yet even they...even those
are passed up by my curious nose
that catches the scent of adventure
the waft of more
that sets this fearsome heart alive and
free to explore
free to explore
that sunset red
the chase begins
maybe just in my head
but someday
perhaps not a fairytale like you
but i'll find my dreams come true

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