Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i receive a weekly discounted leave-immediately-this-weekend airlines email, which i religiously scroll through both domestic and international flights.

i sit on my back porch until midnight or one playing random songs i made up which can turn into something more ad lib.

i eat multiple multiple popsicles once i get started.

i have a 5x3 smilie face flag hanging on my wall which remains a bright daily presence....also 2 (posterior and anterior view) 2x5 posters of the human body, which i'm not sure i look at very often.

i like to lay in the sun and think about things or sleep. i like to lather on special hawaiian oil which my mom used to use when she was my age.

the first time i think i've felt like i might know some cool things that other people don't about medicine was yesterday driving to a farm explaining kidney failure and dialysis to a girl. she said wow. i felt excited.

i find ways to spend my time doing things opposing what i really wanted to accomplish. those things which most consume my time are guitar, writing, possibly (embarrassingly) facebook, and reading.

i have trouble saying how i feel if it might full on offend/hurt the other person.

i like eggnog taffy.

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