Tuesday, June 02, 2009


what a great movie!!
ush i loved it. was such a good story... the only thing i hated was that they never went on their adventure together. *sigh* but what a great lesson in the end anyway. she knew life was an adventure in itself. the daily awakening to possibilities unknown... enjoying the people in your life... love...love is an adventure. but i do wanna go to my own paradise falls. i want to explore the mountain tops, the creatures, the world... i don't want to sacrifice my relationships with people solely for adventure though. hmm..

and then there's the whole route in speaking about the direction of life that you can go when the Lord is involved. you know, leave your mother and your father. let the dead bury their own. seems pretty obvious but i wonder if he meant something else. i wonder if there's something deeper there.

this issue is facinating me. this issue of leaving your mother and your father, pursuing the Lord, living life in one place and exploring the world. this issue of what the hell do i do after africa...haha. man, life is good. i know i'll be guided in the right direction...and wherever that direction may be..i know there will be good in it.... because i think i'm learning to trust :)

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