Friday, June 26, 2009

so much to do, so little time...

damn procrastination.

not only am i attempting to get my visa for afreeka, make arrangements for my trip in oregon, pay off my ticket, arrange to get required immunizations and meds for afreeka, but due to my procrastination i am also attempting to complete a course i've been meddling in for the last year (finishes at the end of july). i have to move out of my apartment by the end of july as well and i'd like to some how get rid of a bunch of my stuff in good ways like selling them, giving them to good will, or recycling. i have books that i'd like to read before i go, including but not limited to When the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down and various birthing books, which can wait until the end of july really but...

today i need to finish a book i'm doodling up for my neice for her third birthday. tomorrow i need to send off my visa things and find a travel clinic. and every day until the end of july somehow i need to work in an assignment or two from that class. this weekend as soon as i get off work i have a volunteer spot at a community garden and tomorrow night i said i would help someone babysit and sunday i have a bike ride in the morning and at night i either have to drive home to go to my neice's birthday party or go to church cuz they're having a special service.

and right now. i need to get ready for work :( 12 hour night shift.

blast how am i so busy?
and all of these things are things i really do want to do.

i feel so overwhelmed. i need help.

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