Monday, June 15, 2009

thoughts of today

by theresa
and heidi

We went outside to sleep next to the pool. Thought it might rain but it never did. The sun was bright and…well….life is good. And I have good friends. And I’m blessed.

I accomplished less than I thought I would; and have been more satisfied than I thought possible. Some people called me back others I’ll catch up with later. The day is easy, long, with results that could have been better. Most of the sadness is superficial… ok really the sadness is my sunburn.

Later in the day I went to communality. I just love the people. It’s just so free and pure and good: the couples and their babies and the families and their shared lives together. There was some dude from Australia and he was my partner in the discussion and…life and scriptures reiterated the fact that you don’t have to have it all figured out…chances are you never will. But it’s important to keep your heart and mind open to saying Yes to God and Yes to those in need. It’s important to love.

The colors are bright and pure today. My friends are faithful. My God is present… within. He seeps into my heart like a lover that’s won. He drips color into the sky, the grass, the cultures, the people. He lives in color and in clarity; even the color of my brilliant red sun tinged skin. All is from His hand and all is good, but not safe.

I guess you just have to take it day by day, moment by moment. Live and love purely. Remember that you’re good. Remember that God is in control and life is not just worth living but worth exploring too. Things have happened for a reason and I like where I am at. I like my roommate. I like that I have a skunk skin-peel design down my back. I like that I collect smilie faces and eat cotton candy for breakfast sometimes. I also like that I’m going to Africa to love people and attempt to be the difference I want to see in the world. Life changes and it’s beautiful. Each second is like a new dish prepared especially for you. I want to be someone willing to taste it all and remember to thank the Cook.

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