Monday, December 13, 2004

the gang

it all started cuz some random guy decided he wanted to have a slip and slide event in the middle of a cold october day(i think) ...and then afterwards everyone wanted to go to a movie... so there is a group of us who as a result of a random, chance, impulsive desire sometimes hang out.. er..every now and then we go have an all-nighter at FFH...or a midnight run to arby's...maybe a movie...or maybe all the way to e-town at 1 a.m. for some milkshakes... very sporatic...but always enjoyed... so sarah and i have been stuck in our room for the last 2 days basically...loafing around doing nothing... so i decided to stretch my artistic talents and attempt a caricature of my friends and i... her 'tis:

the gang Posted by Hello

and her tis in color:

the gang in color Posted by Hello

and her tis in real life:

the gang in real life Posted by Hello

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