Saturday, December 04, 2004

one moment

not even a tick in the infinity of time... barely a speck in the vastness of the cosmos... who's to know what limits there are? no limits, but what kind of a dent would i be able to make in a world enormous there's no words to describe that never-ending expanse of creation. so the world doesn't depend on me... supposedly a relief. but i stand in awe, feelings unbeknownst to me... it's like someone took a close up photograph of a moment in campbellsville...a moment frozen in time... vivid flashbacks of india...a random slideshow of the activity of life all over the world... realizing we're like bacterium on a grain of sand lost in the ocean... standing silent as steam escapes through my lips, i wonder... can one put their finger on eternity? is it possible to fathom the idea of forever?
a night like this has surely been replicated through time...i'm sure at one point there was someonel similar to me, who walked a path similar to this, and contemplated life in a way similar to the way i am now...and i'm sure after me there'll be another someone to do the same... i hope somewhere someone else is currently having similar contemplations...appreciating God's creation by admiring it's simplicity, while wondering at the intricacy of it all...
no, i don't understand the depth of creation... you don't have to see a shooting star in order to be amazed by the wonder of the sky... the mountains don't have to shout in order for you to be humbled by their greatness... sitting silent in a swing on a chilly day, bathing in the warmth of the son... words are inadequate, useless... creation calls me to sit and linger for a time... quiet whispers of assurance... visions of life sweep across my mind's eye... all thoughts vanish and i'm left to consume the simple beauty of the sun... the blueness of the skies...the leaves dancing with the breeze to nature's own song ... temptation to dose on account of the rhythmic melody of motion to and fro... to and fro... i'll have to awake from this subconscious slumber at some point... but what's one more moment in the span of eternity?

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