Thursday, December 02, 2004

life is good

in the last blog i mentioned a morning hug from God... well, i just casually mentioned it in my blog and like a minute afterwards i was talking to a friend online and in conclusion to our conversation we were talking about how sweet and good God has been to us and she said, "but His hugs are the best"... and i was like, "Hey!!!" ... how random is it that two people associate God's love with hugs? most people don't think of it that way...err...i don't think they do?.... well anyways...we made the pact to focus on hugs from God today... just to let Him envelope us in His arms... it's been an awesome thing... you should try it :)
but instead of focusing on doing things to please Him... instead of worrying about this or that... i've just Lived... went through the day appreciating the sunshine and the breeze... the company of friends... i love my work and the kids that i work with...even when they're crazy and won't quit...ugh i love them... and i got to make hot cocoa at cocoa with chocolate spoons... (heaven)... and then sarah and i ate in the cafe and we went to church and i got to chill with 7th and 8th graders....i think God's going to do some awesome stuff in there... today i was able to talk a little bit about what my purity ring stands for...don't i love to provide their precious minds with an alternative way to live...and an alternative motive to live for.... it's going to be interesting....i pray God uses me there... after church i wanted to go to fca but i also wanted to go bowling in hopes to meet some new people and different faces... well i chose bowling, but new people? not so much... i wasn't quite as out going as i'd liked to be... i was caught in the middle of two groups of people on opposing sides of the bowling alley... it's not very fun when you want to spend time with two separate groups... if they'd had two lanes next to eachother it would have been a lot easier but i found myself torn... so i bowled a game at each lane... and ended up leaving with a person other than the one i came with... i don't like being torn... hmm... well and i went to wal*mart and after searching through all of wal*mart and picking up several different items only to leave them randomly in different places throughout the store...i finally found something sarah would like that was under 2 dollars... MUFFINS... and i had the chance to bring those home to her :)
now i'm going to i can get up early and start a new day off right...
ugh...i can't even explain the contentment you can have in Christ... just the joy of sitting back, closing your eyes, and being completely satisfied...full...not of food...not of wine...or anything this world has to offer... full of something much greater...much sweeter... the knowledge of Christ... the knowledge of the Cross... and the knowledge of the freedom found in it all...

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