Tuesday, October 09, 2007


you wake up one morning and your world changes...it just looks different... the strength of mind or an act of God? ...sometimes i'm not really sure.... but i'd sure like to give Him credit... for wanting to do something here... i'm not so sure what the difference is... i guess... hope. kinda like you're sitting alone in your room, maybe you're locked in there and can't figure out how to get the door open... and the lights won't go on... and then all of a sudden it cracks open.. and light shines through.. just a little... but it makes you sure someone's finally come for you...you're not alone anymore... there's no need to fear....

i want to make the most of this life.
i don't want to drink life away
i don't want to sleep with randoms
i don't want to wake up to darkness
i don't want to walk in it
i don't want to hate people
i don't want to be bitter
i don't want to bring sorrow into people's lives
i want to bring hope
i want to bring joy
i want to encourage
i want to dance
i want to sing
i want to run
i want to find the good in all people
i want to show them the love of God

i want change.

for all of us.

God don't leave me...
and give me the wisdom and strength to not leave you....

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