Monday, November 29, 2004

english poetry

this first one wasn't what i had in mind when i first started writing but i kinda liked out how it turned out:

that’s My girl

according to the world
I’ve got a few too many curves
my eyes are a little too small
my face a little too round
my clothes were out of style
last fall
my laugh is a little too loud
my voice a little too deep
I don’t drive the perfect car
or have money in a heap

no, I can’t fit into a size three
but at least you can hold onto me
and you watch as my squinty eyes
open each time with a new colored surprise
my chipmunk cheeks hold
the corners of an honest smile
and fashion is just something so ugly
they have to change it every six months
so who cares about style?
I can sing the low notes
to a many hymns and songs
laughter reaches across the room
leading the way for someone who longs
to let it out?
or scream and shout?
and at least my car moves me
from here to there
with warm heat and cool air
money is great and all
but I’m doing just fine
buying what I need
sometimes what I want
like egg nog
so who cares what the world thinks?
God looks down and winks
“that’s My girl”

this next one is a lil corny cuz i wrote it in uh....a very short time:

not a clue

i don't have a clue
what i need to do with my life
not eve what i want
not even what You want
i just don't have a clue
i could be a bum
a student or teacher
a camp leader or a missionary
the wife of a preacher
i could design clothing
or perhaps write a book
illustrate for children
probably won't cook
i could sleep all my life
and eat when i want
but i'd run out of money
end up in a dump
i could smuggle bibles
into faraway lands
i could be a lead singer
in one of the local bands
shewt, i could design jewelry
or make furniture out of wood
yeah right, i wish i could
hey i could have children
and lead in foster care
but is my heart really there?
so you see...
i don't have a clue
of what i need to do
what am i made for?
what should i pursue?
so i'll lay all aside
and just pursue You

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