Monday, November 01, 2004

unsuspected words

i want to describe a moment i had the other day. i'm not sure when it was...i know it was sometime during the end of this last week... it was not such a bright day, but extremely calming... there wasn't sun, but the temperature was perfect... a perfect fall day (besides having no sun)... i'd spent some awesome time with God that morning, so He was pretty present in all my thoughts and stuff... i can't really remember if i was at complete peace with Him or not.. but i remember going to check my mail.. hadn't checked it in a while...i never usually get anything anyway... but actually had something... at first, by the typed words, i figured it just more junk mail... but i opened it moreso and the first words kinda stood out... after all, it's not every day someone addresses you as a "proverbs 31 woman"... hmm...i stepped out into the cool afternoon wind and found a nice comfy bench...settled myself and read whatever this author had to say to me... some of the things they wrote were very relevant to my life as of that day...and one thing was just something God had been teaching me for quite a while now... hmm... it was great feeling so enveloped by God that afternoon... He was everywhere... and i thanked him for encouraging letters from a friend... and if i wasn't at peace before i walked into that post office i assure you i definitely was after it....sitting on that bench with the wind breezing by gently and leaves skipping across the ground... and knowing that a friend labeled me as someone i strive daily to be...*sigh* it was just one of those moments where the world stands still and you can look around and smile.... seems i've had a few of those lately... stotrum for uplifting's so wonderful to realize something you've done was able to bless another...

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