Sunday, November 07, 2004


there's no telling how the Lord wants to use me. all i know is that i want Him to. sometimes my flesh leaps forward and attempts to throw my spirit off balance, but i know what my dreams are. i know where my heart lies...and it's with Christ. my ultimate obsession. satan can try any way He wants and I may slip, but He will not stop me from altogether pursuing Christ, my ultimate goal.

how i love i desire Him... forgive me where selfishness seeks to destroy what you desire to do in me.

many things have been happening in my life. i've been involved with BSU trips revival teams and discipleship now weekends. i've begun this study of james and a few of us girls are praying about starting an all-girls bibles study on "why Godly people do unGodly things." (beth moore)...

i just want my life to be different from what is normal and usual... unless the "normal" includes being completely sold out and radical for Christ... i want to be radical...i want the jeremiah fire...

Abba, make me more like you.

a permeation of my thoughts
a birthmark on my side
i can't get away from Him
there's nowhere i could hide
His voice echoes in the wind
He whispers in the breeze
You'd think there's something I could do
but there's no way i could let Him leave
His presence has pulled me closer
i can't get Him out of my mind
and as i've consistently sought Him out
I'm more willing to leave all behind
i'm enthralled by the way He pursues me
in love with His selfless ways
amazed by the things He does for me
and looking at all my days
i can't imagine one without Him
whispering gently in my ear
slipping His arms around me
promising there's nothing to fear
all my life i'll seek Him
and pursue His holy ways
i'll live each day as a song to Him
who is worthy of all my praise

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