Monday, November 08, 2004

i love mondays it's been a great day... i love pretty days...even when they are a bit chilly... kind of deceiving you look out the window and the sun's shining and everything's beautiful and then you stick your head out the window and your face freezes off... hmm... isn't it ironic... ... so i worked on my papers most of the morning... creative writing is so much more fun than boring other papers...and long phone convos are weird... i skipped a class...went to my second one and went over the papers i'd written a while before... went to work afterwards.. going to LOVE mondays...i get to paint with this little girl who is supposedly a trouble maker and stuff, but she was really nice to me... and it's just she and i going at it painting whatever we please all over a buncha bathroom stalls... after we're finished we'll move on to the boys room...and after that i'm going to teach her different drawing techniques and stuff...i'm really looking forward to it.... but today was so wonderful...i was so happy i squirmed and did a lil squeal thing in sarah's car on my way home....i've done that a lot lately...i just can't figure out the words to thank God's like joy is bursting out of my chest and i don't know how to hold it in at all... so i scream or skip or jump or wiggle or attack someone or laugh... i love it... man...i love creative writing...i love that little girl... and i love mondays.

stotrum for chicken fingers and yummy mashed potatoes

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