Thursday, November 25, 2004

thinking positive

thank You for:
  • Your Son
  • a roof over my head
  • fresh clothes from the dryer
  • interesting, refreshing, uplifting music
  • art supplies
  • blank pieces of paper
  • the color green
  • mascara
  • unordinary socks
  • sweet smelling roses
  • the scent of vanilla lace
  • innocent kisses
  • being snuggled up against by a little kid
  • warm breezes
  • cool, clear, beautiful nights with stars blazing
  • lotion and soft skin
  • peace of mind
  • pumpkin pie and egg nog
  • good conversations
  • friends i know i could always call if i needed to
  • prayers from the heart
  • hugs from a middle schooler
  • the way You use me regardless of the fact that i'm unusable
  • Your unconditional love..
  • innocent, unexpected, undemanding compliments
  • those good guys who see more than the outside
  • those friends you can say anything to and they'll either understand or try to
  • the sound my fingers make on the keys
  • sweet sleep
  • silence
  • pure, unrestrained laughter
  • loud, blaring music
  • rushing water
  • tall tall tall green trees
  • overgrown, sunspotted forest floors
  • warm, smooth beaches
  • crisp, towering mountains
  • ginormous, busy cities
  • the ability to travel
  • kleenex
  • the ability to draw
  • pretty dresses
  • a clean room
  • my brothers and sisters...
  • my parents...
  • all the many people that have made impacts in my life...some deeper than others, but all important to me...
  • a deep, comfy bed with thick, warm blankets in a cool, dark room
  • a drink of pure water
  • a full tank of gas...thanks to my mom as well on that one
  • the truth of the bible
  • silver jewelry
  • chocolate
  • walks around campus
  • fresh donuts
  • hanging out with friends
  • hide and go seek
  • those moments when two people just "connect"
  • pictures
  • the chances to glance into another's mind
  • Your faithfulness...even when i'm so unfaithful and faithless
  • a toddler's laugh
  • getting to spend a lil time with my bro tonight...even if it wasn't really one on one...
  • new days and second chances...sometimes third, fourth, and an infinity amount it seems
  • unexpected surprises
  • there's a buttload more, but i have to go :P
so much to be thankful for...sometimes i just need to step back and look around... it helps too that i get excited by simple things quite often...

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name." -psalm 100:4

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